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  "A passion for good quality"
RICH FARM presently employs more than 800 employees and workers in their 66,000 sqm workshops and warehouses separately located in Linyi City, Rizhao City, Anqiu City, Weifang City, Shandong Province China.
RICH FARM has two Dehydrating Mills, one Toasting Mill and four big volume Cold Storages, three fresh vegetable processing factories,which are capable of producing,warehousing and supplying a total annual quantity of 8,000 metric tons of various dehydrated vegetables and over 16000 tons of fresh ginger, garlic, Taro , apple, carrots, Onion as well.

RICH FARM supplies its quality products to many of the leading manufacturers and buyers of the food ingredient industries world-wide.
RICH FARM has been proud of its expertise, reputation of integrity, business efficiency and professionalism ever since its establishment in 1992.
RICH FARM and Rich Food are the brand names of our food ingredients, spices and seasonings.

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