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Rich Farm offers a wide range of dehydrated vegetables and other food ingredients in all requested cut sizes according to customers’ individual requirements.
Rich Farm Raw materials are from our own farms or carefully selected growing-contract farmers in various parts of Shandong China.

Dehydrated Vegetables Dehydrated Vegetables Fresh & Frozen Vegetables Toasted Vegetables Salted vegetable
◇Bell peppers red
◇Bell peppers green
◇Carrot cubes, dices    
◇Cauliflower florets
◇Celery roots & leaves
◇Horseradish slices
◇Ginger slices,powder
◇Leeks white, green    
◇Potato chips
◇Spring onion cuts
◇Spinach leaves
◇White Cabbage

◇Ginger in plastic boxes
◇Ginger in mesh bags
◇Ginger in carton boxes
◇Taro in mesh
◇Taro in plastic boxes
◇Garlic in loose carton
◇Garlic cloves
◇Garlic paste

◇Garlic cloves
◇Garlic flakes
◇Garlic granules
◇Garlic powder
◇Onion chopped
◇Onion granules
◇Onion powder
◇Garlic cloves in brine in drums
◇Garlic cloves in brine in jars
◇Ginger whole
◇Ginger slices in bags


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