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Quality and know-how demand that nothing can be left to chance at Rich Farm! We buy only the finest plants from our suppliers, who are carefully selected and checked regularly. A quality analysis carried out on the basis of harvest samples will determine our final decisions.

Rich Farm ’s policy of transparency enables any buyer to find out the history of the spice he is tasting.
From the time it is lifted out of the ship’s hold until it becomes the finished product, the product is tracked throughout the process by means of its batch number, which is linked between the various stages, thanks to a data-recording system.
From picking till it reaches the plate, every batch of spices purchased by Rich Farm is subject to a battery of hygiene checks. In order to avoid having any non-conformant items, the company’s staff undergoes ongoing training programmes in this area. Each employee complies with instructions and observes a set of working practices, thus ensuring that spices carrying the Rich Farmlabel aIways meet the stringent demands set out in their technical file.
Of superior quality, Rich Farm are also grown with respect for the overall environment of production areas and regions. The people who work to produce them are not exploited, but are paid a fair day’s wage. The result: in Rich Farm, you are not just buying a fine product, but you are also participating in developing a form of social justice.
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